Build or Buy? Key Steps to Overcome Capital Constraints in the Data Center

Build or Buy? Key Steps to Overcome Capital Constraints in the Data Center

Are You Spending Millions in Capital and Operating Costs on Your Data Centers?

Learn how many sophisticated IT leaders are addressing budget concerns and improving productivity – while still benefitting from best-in-class data centers that deliver redundant power systems, efficient cooling architectures, and robust interconnectivity.

This executive report shares how many CIOs are tackling the growing challenges surrounding the need to rein in IT spending while delivering more resources against building and innovating around their core business. Most are questioning the benefits and risks associated with their company’s long-term commitment to building data centers from the ground up.


Building Data Centers from Scratch is a Significant Challenge

Most IT spending is focused on maintaining basic operations, rather than business growth or innovation. And, most IT leaders are finding themselves constantly under pressure to reduce operating and capital expenditures in the near term, while delivering on expanding business objectives at the same time.

Budget reduction goals are difficult to attain since a significant portion is directed to building, maintaining, and updating company-owned data centers.


Viable Alternatives to Building Data Centers

Do you want to learn about viable alternatives to avoid the cost and responsibility of building and maintaining a data center?

Rather than constructing their own facilities from the ground up, many companies are now taking steps to reduce the amount of capital they spend but are still getting access to state-of-the-art data center facilities.


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