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“Yes, You’d Have to Be Crazy to Build Your Own Data Center.”

Are you a data center farmer or an innovator? Fast-growing cloud providers, social media firms, financial organizations and enterprise companies with large and growing IT footprints often embrace private data centers as a necessity. However, like many farmers of the last century who resisted the move to larger, more productive farming methods, many business leaders


4 Critical Steps Financial Firms Must Take for IT Uptime, Security, and Connectivity

Every Day, Banks Grapple With Unprecedented Amounts of Big Data, While Constrained by In-House Data Centers Learn how more and more financial service CIOs are tapping into a new, proven solution to effectively solve the data security, compliance, and business continuity challenges they face on a daily basis. This executive report reveals the right choice


Are Your Own Employees Putting Your Business at Risk?

This executive report examines six vulnerabilities in enterprise security, along with measures to protect it. While companies invest millions of dollars in state-of-the-art security measures to protect their financial and intellectual assets, they typically overlook the biggest risk of all: their employees. Consider the risks. On average, it takes just 82 seconds before a


Build or Buy? Key Steps to Overcome Capital Constraints in the Data Center

Are You Spending Millions in Capital and Operating Costs on Your Data Centers? Learn how many sophisticated IT leaders are addressing budget concerns and improving productivity – while still benefitting from best-in-class data centers that deliver redundant power systems, efficient cooling architectures, and robust interconnectivity. This executive report shares how many CIOs are tackling the


Data Centers: An Industry
Shaped by Disruption & Change

The global data center industry has remained resolute and resilient, despite the adverse economic conditions across the world caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The sector has played a crucial role in ensuring access to critical information and services, as well as supporting key parts of the economy. This mission-critical industry has never been more important.


Defining Data Security

How to Ensure Data Security: Simple Question, Complicated Answer More companies are making data security a primary focus. They are developing effective plans to address issues beyond where to store the data and establishing clear guidelines for how to manage and monitor key data. Learn how today's IT leaders are looking outside of their organizations


Federal Data Centers: The Build vs. Buy Decision.

System Integrators Can Play a Vital Role in Supporting a Federal Agency's Mission. Federal agencies have begun seeking partnerships with advanced system integrators and third-party data center providers as a way to ensure their IT infrastructure requirements are efficient, scalable and up-to-date. Learn why third-party IT infrastructure providers are the solution for system integrators supporting


Healthcare Providers Seek Out New Ways To Manage and Utilize Big Data

Healthcare Providers Walk a Tightrope Between Improving Functionality and Reducing Costs Health care reform is focused on not only improving how you manage data, but how you use it. More collaboration is necessary, data sharing is becoming critical and community care ideas are taking shape. This contributes to new challenges in a wide range of


How Big Internet Organizations Can Scale IT Infrastructure Securely, Rapidly, and Inexpensively

Why Big Internet Organizations Need Big Data To meet the unprecedented growth of the digital universe, Big Internet companies are required to scale massively and with extraordinary speed. This executive report explores how more and more Big Internet CIOs are meeting their ever-changing and expanding needs while obtaining the cost effectiveness, security, and service capabilities


HPC Solutions in High Density Data Centers

How CyrusOne's Houston West data center campus delivers the highest density solutions to customers Learn how forward-thinking CIOs are significantly reducing production costs and increasing profit margins with high performance computing in world-class, high density data centers. This executive report shares how you can benefit as data center providers increase the efficiency and reliability of

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