Colocation Facility

A Colocation facility is an environmentally-controlled, secure building with 24 hour monitoring, uninterruptible power supply, available internet connectivity, and required amounts of cooling for servers. Businesses often use colocation facilities to store their primary and secondary IT infrastructure, as well as for storing data in an off-site location.

A Colocation Facility can provide the business with a comprehensive approach for server management, connectivity, and security with less cost. There are many factors a company should consider when selecting a data center. Location is the first consideration. A Colocation Facility is better able to handle a power flux when it is closer to major power hubs.

A Colocation facility often includes advanced firewall solutions, soft licensing and open communications with their clients. In the days of computer virus worries and cyber attack, secure networking and backup services are increasingly important to ensure a company’s data remains safe.

A Colocation facility is designed and engineered with highly redundant systems in order to maximize availability and to prevent outages. Client companies using a colocation facility often review availability and uptime report before signing a contract for data center hosting.