How Big Internet Organizations Can Scale IT Infrastructure Securely, Rapidly, and Inexpensively

Why Big Internet Organizations Need Big Data

To meet the unprecedented growth of the digital universe, Big Internet companies are required to scale massively and with extraordinary speed.

This executive report explores how more and more Big Internet CIOs are meeting their ever-changing and expanding needs while obtaining the cost effectiveness, security, and service capabilities typically not previously available to them.

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The Quest for Data Center Speed, Agility, and Reliability

Big Internet companies power the world’s economy – but they don’t do it alone. These firms need safe, secure Internet data centers that can be scaled up (or down) quickly to accommodate their changing needs.


Assessing the “Build Vs. Buy” Data Center Conundrum

Learn why looking at other options can boost your infrastructure innovation by lowering the total cost of operations, increasing your firm’s agility and the reliability, and providing the ability to scale massively and with unprecedented speed.


About the Author

Kevin Timmons is Chief Technology Officer at CyrusOne. In this role he is responsible for defining and sharing the technology roadmap for the company. He is also responsible for the site selection, design, and construction of CyrusOne’s worldwide data center assets.

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