County Government Selects Colocation For Expanding IT Infrastructure

Travis County, Texas Finds Secure, Cost-effective Data Center Solution

Travis County is the fifth largest county in the state of Texas with 1.1 million residents. The county government operates out of Austin, the capital city of Texas. Over 20 cities and municipalities fall under its government jurisdiction and utilize its public services.

The Challenge

Travis County’s IT infrastructure, which runs about 190 critical applications, was housed in a basement data center with multiple points of failure, offered no room for expansion, and was prone to disasters, including flooding.

If the IT infrastructure failed, the entire county government would shut down. After several near-disasters that put their IT footprint in serious danger, the County decided to find a colocation solution.

The Requirements

The requirements Travis County presented included:

  • 100% redundancy for disaster recovery
  • Multi-layered physical security
  • Scalability to provide room for future growth
  • Carrier-neutral connectivity
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Strong customer service.


Finding a Colocation Partner

“We decided it was time to move our IT infrastructure to a better facility. We determined it would be far too expensive to remodel our current data center, or to build a new one and continue to operate it ourselves,” stated Walter LaGrone, IT Operations Director for Travis County.

Learn how Travis County sought to meet its selection criteria with a colocation provider and why it ultimately selected CyrusOne’s data center.

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