How T-Systems Solved Its Data Center Challenges to Offer Dynamic Services to the U.S.

T-Systems Sought Key Data Center Partner

T-Systems, owned by Deutsche Telekom Group, is one of the world’s leading providers of Information and Communications Technology services. When T-Systems, a provider of ICT solutions for major corporations and public-sector organizations worldwide, sought to expand its Dynamic Services platform into the U.S., the company was looking for an exemplary data center partner.

T-Systems’ Unique Challenge

The top issue facing T-Systems was finding a colocation provider that offered fully virtualized architecture as well as industry-leading service level agreements. Both are critical to T-Systems’ ability to keep its Dynamic Services offerings cost-effective and flexible for its customers.

Stringent Requirements

The stringent requirements T-Systems laid out included:

  • TIA Class 4 certification Data Center
  • Site availability of 99.999 or greater
  • Military grade security
  • High-density architecture capability.


Colocation Partner Provides Flexibility and Reliability

“Full virtualization, of course, requires redundancy to ensure data recovery and business continuity… for synchronous mirroring in combination with what we refer to as ‘twin-core’ data centers, in which we have two data centers that are over 60 miles apart. Each server has independent network interfaces for the storage network, the administration network, and the customer network. There is no routing among these interfaces nor among the networks,” stated Dr. Greg Smith, Head of Portfolio Solution Design at T-Systems.

Learn how T-Systems sought to meet its strict selection criteria with the right partner.

Also gain an understanding of the benefits T-Systems is realizing with its data center services partner and the ongoing flexibility for T-Systems’ highly dynamic customer environments.

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