Ensuring Regulatory Compliance Through Data Center Solutions

SmartVault Deploys IT Footprint in Secure, Resilient, and Flexible Data Center

SmartVault is a major provider of secure, cloud-based storage and file-sharing services for accounting, tax preparation, and bookkeeping firms. SmartVault offers its customers an online storage system for tax and financial documents, with file-sharing applications that allow clients to view, store, manage, and share their documents using any desktop or mobile device. SmartVault’s applications integrate with major accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero, and with corporate tax preparation software such as Lacerte and ProSeries.

The Challenge

SmartVault needed a facility in close proximity to its Houston location, to give its IT footprint the essential elements of power, Internet connectivity, and security. The company needed to ensure its servers would always be up and running and always accessible.

SmartVault also wanted a data center that had a SSAE16 SOC-II assessment. The company needed a data center that offered specific physical security features since it dealt with financial data.

The Requirements

SmartVault was seeking a solution with the following attributes:

  • Exceptional physical security features
  • A scalable environment to provide room for further growth
  • Flexible contracts to ramp into its space
  • SSAE16 SOC-II attestation
  • Complete redundancy in systems
  • 100 percent guaranteed uptime service level agreement
  • Robust connectivity
  • Exceptional service


A Reliable Partner Delivers

“We needed to ensure our servers would always be up and running. Any downtime for our IT footprint could result in a loss of valuable financial information for our clients. Also, we needed a data center with redundant connectivity, so our clients would always be able to access and view the documents stored on our servers.”-Mike Webb, Chief Technology Officer, SmartVault

Learn how SmartVault sought to meet its selection criteria with a colocation provider and why it ultimately selected a CyrusOne data center.

Download the SmartVault Case Study

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