Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) Migrates Critical Infrastructure to New Data Center

PGS Finds Industry-leading Technology and Performance

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) offers a broad range of products including seismic and electromagnetic services, data acquisition, processing, reservoir analysis/interpretation and multi-client library data. The company helps oil companies to find oil and gas reserves offshore worldwide.

The Challenge

PGS is well versed in identifying best-in-class technology resources to support the demanding core tasks that its business requires. Given the size and complexity of their data volumes, a single weak link or bottleneck in the process can slow project workflows, triggering productivity and efficiency losses that diminish not only PGS’s core performance metrics, but those of its clients.

PGS sought to locate their mission-critical data infrastructure within a high-performance, technologically advanced, hardened data facility with convenient proximity to the world’s largest regional Energy and Petroleum market.

Finding a High Performance Solution

Learn how PGS sought to meet its performance requirements with a colocation provider that could offer superior security, power efficiency, and uptime.

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