FuelQuest, Inc. Seeks 100% Uptime for their Cloud-Based Fuel Inventory

FuelQuest Rigorous Selection Process Identifies Top-tier Data Center Provider

FuelQuest, Inc. is a leading provider of software solutions for the downstream fuel industry, offering fuel management and tax automation software using a cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

The company’s Fuel Management System (FMS) is a web-based software solution enabling major fuel retailers like 7-Eleven, Couche-Tard, and Hy-Vee to schedule fuel deliveries, monitor fuel inventory and price fluctuations, and calculate and report fuel taxes at gas stations across North America.

A Unique Challenge

FuelQuest handles about $70 billion annually in fuel taxes and required a data center that could provide an ultra-secure and highly-reliable facility coupled with a fully-redundant power and cooling infrastructure.

An interruption in data center services would disrupt FuelQuest’s nationwide supply chain, leading to significant lost revenues and possible steep tax penalties.

Stringent Requirements

The stringent requirements FuelQuest sought included:

  • Exceptional site availability with 100% SLAs
  • SSAE 16 certification
  • Military-grade security
  • Scalability in planning
  • Fully-redundant power and cooling
  • Carrier-neutral connectivity.


Selecting the Right Data Center Provider

“If there’s a data center outage in Houston, and our customers can’t access our fuel management and tax automation solutions, it disrupts their entire supply chain nationwide and could lead to major lost revenues or tax penalties. We needed a strong and dependable data center to ensure that our clients will always have access to their mission-critical data on our cloud servers,” stated Tim Blaney, Vice President of Technology at FuelQuest.

Learn how FuelQuest sought to meet its strict selection criteria with the right data center provider.

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