City Government Reduces Energy Consumption through Data Center Consolidation

City of Houston, Texas Goes “Green”

Houston, Texas is America’s fourth-largest city with a population of over 2.2 million residents. The city government employs approximately 21,000 people in 22 departments, with offices in over 500 buildings throughout the Houston metropolitan area of 640 square miles.

The Challenge

The city government previously had nine separate IT footprints, located in data rooms or data closets in office buildings throughout Houston. Each IT footprint took up a large amount of space, and required a great deal of energy to operate the servers and their IT environments. Also, the facilities required a large number of maintenance hours by City of Houston employees. Each IT footprint served different city departments, and many IT services and applications were unnecessarily duplicated across different footprints

The Requirements

Requirements presented by the City of Houston included:

  • 100% guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Geographic stability, safe from natural disasters
  • Robust physical structure and security
  • Robust interconnectivity between sites
  • Energy-efficient power and cooling
  • Exceptional customer service.


Finding Energy Efficiency in a Data Center

“We needed to consolidate our separate footprints, to reclaim office space and to reduce the amount of energy required to operate our IT infrastructure,” stated Charles Thompson, head of City of Houston IT Services.

Learn how the City of Houston sought to meet its selection criteria with a data center provider.

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