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World-class Facility Offers End-to-End IT Infrastructure Services.

Houston, TX  – June 11, 2000 – CyrusOne, a provider of end-to-end data center services and technology infrastructure solutions, opens its Houston data center June 14. The Enterprise Data Center (EDC), located off Highway 59 inside the 610 Loop, was designed from the ground up to offer Houston businesses the most secure, available, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure solutions.

The new 65,000 square-foot EDC uses redundant power sources and network connectivity to guarantee constant availability — or system uptime — to customers. Virtually unlimited bandwidth capabilities from multiple providers ensure the fastest connections to the Internet and other networks. This infrastructure is coupled with a complete suite of services that simplify the complexities of hosting and managing business applications.

“When a company outsources the management of its IT infrastructure to CyrusOne, its executives and IT department can be assured that their mission critical systems will always be available to them,” said David Ferdman, CyrusOne’s president and chief executive officer. “Because of this guaranteed security and continuous uptime, we can cost-effectively manage the growth of our customers’ IT infrastructure, allowing them to manage the growth of their business.”

According to a recent Morgan Stanley Dean Witter report, companies that outsource hosting and management of server and Web based applications benefit from lower costs, better performance and greater access to scarce IT skills. Specifically, the report says, “Firms can reduce downtime (a measure of performance) by close to 90 percent and lower costs by a similar amount.”

IT outsourcing is big business, nationally and worldwide. According to the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter report, demand will drive the growth of the worldwide hosting industry to $75 billion in revenues by 2005. While a large number of data centers are being built in most major cities around the world to support this demand, Houston has not been served well until recently. CyrusOne selected Houston for its first data center to help fill this gap.

The Facility

The CyrusOne EDC was designed to ensure the highest levels of security and availability. Every potential source of downtime was identified, from hurricanes to power outages, to fire and theft. The facility’s fault-tolerant design ensures customers are protected from these risks.

“We are 110 percent committed to maintaining system uptime because our customers are essentially trusting us with the heart of their businesses,” said Ferdman. “Not only did we design the EDC to withstand a Category 3 hurricane and other natural and man-made disasters, we paid a great deal of attention to developing operational processes that guarantee a safe, secure and nonstop operating environment.”

The EDC features dual power feeds, dual battery backups and dual diesel generators to sustain power in all conditions. To put this in perspective, if the city’s power grid were to fail, CyrusOne’s independent power system – which provides up to three million watts of electricity – could power the equivalent of 1,000 homes or the City of Jersey Village.

The EDC also features state-of-the-art fire suppression and climate control systems, and security measures including, biometric scanners, video surveillance, 24 x 7 onsite security, bulletproof glass, and steel reinforced walls. Because of the building’s size, and capacity for expansion, customers of almost any size can co- locate their IT equipment at CyrusOne’s facility.

Additionally, CyrusOne designed its Houston facility to accommodate system integrators and consultants who want to house their customers’ equipment onsite. The building also has satellite office access, which is important for customers who want their IT staff to have hands-on access to its data and infrastructure.

Enhanced Services

In addition to a rock-solid IT infrastructure, CyrusOne offers its customers a complete package of enhanced services designed to simplify and help expand their business operations.

The services range from basic co-location of customer equipment in the CyrusOne EDC, to monitoring, application management, backup, and disaster recovery. Most of these services were created based on input from Houston’s business community and many are unique to the Houston market, said Ferdman.

One such example is CyrusOne’s disaster recovery service. In the event of a catastrophic failure, customers can bring their backup data to CyrusOne’s facility and CyrusOne’s infrastructure will support the application until the customer’s system is restored.

Another unique service CyrusOne created based on input from potential customers is inventory and asset management. CyrusOne bar codes and scans every piece of customer equipment that enters or exits the facility. Through this service, CyrusOne can instantly provide its customers a complete report on what equipment is housed at CyrusOne, as well as its location on the floor.

The Company

Poised for additional growth, the majority of its employees are in Houston, including the chairman and general manager, and other members of the company’s management team.

CyrusOne’s executive team has vast experience starting and building successful service companies in the communications and technology industries. They’ve joined together to create a company that offers its customers a complete package of IT infrastructure solutions and enhanced services that provide absolute security and availability, and allow for future growth and expansion.

“We believe companies will strengthen their competitive edge by using an outsourcing service like CyrusOne,” said Ferdman.


About CyrusOne

CyrusOne is Houston’s largest full service data center providing managed hosting, colocation and enterprise management services to companies to ensure application availability, data security, and superior network performance. With a client-centric focus, CyrusOne was the first within the industry to offer a 100% availability guarantee and continues to push the envelope by offering the industry’s highest application availability SLA as well. CyrusOne’s client base includes a spectrum of emerging service providers and Fortune 500 companies who leverage the security and redundancy of CyrusOne’s Enterprise Data Center and Technology Campus. For additional information on the company, visit

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