CyrusOne offers companies a solution to their IT problems caused by Allison

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Houston, TX – June 12, 2001 – In addition to the estimated 10,000 homes damaged from the weekend’s historic floods, many Houston businesses were also devastated. Several companies have reported that their data and business applications (e-mail, Internet, Intranet, e-business) have been lost or damaged due to the floods. These applications are often the heart and soul of a company; their failure can cause significant financial loss in lost business and credibility.

CyrusOne (, a new Houston data center that provides customized IT solutions, is offering qualified Houston businesses an unprecedented solution by allowing local companies to house their servers and/or data at CyrusOne’s secure Enterprise Data Center until their facilities are fully restored. During this time of clean up and repair, CyrusOne will take the unusual step of waiving the usual requirement of a long-term contract.

“Without access to their data and business applications, a company can’t effectively conduct business with their customers, suppliers and employees,” said David Ferdman, CyrusOne’s president and chief executive officer. “We understand the trauma the flooding has caused local businesses and we want to step in and offer a cost-effective solution. While we can’t give this service away, we can waive any kind of contractual agreement as a short-term solution.”

About CyrusOne

CyrusOne is Houston’s largest full service data center providing managed hosting, colocation and enterprise management services to companies to ensure application availability, data security, and superior network performance. With a client-centric focus, CyrusOne was the first within the industry to offer a 100% availability guarantee and continues to push the envelope by offering the industry’s highest application availability SLA as well. CyrusOne’s client base includes a spectrum of emerging service providers and Fortune 500 companies who leverage the security and redundancy of CyrusOne’s Enterprise Data Center and Technology Campus. For additional information on the company, visit

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