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Power: A Finite Resource

Like many resources used to run the world, electrical power is in high demand and a significant expense of data center operation. In today’s digital world, organizations rely on data centers’ immense and highly scalable power to operate.  Faced with the significant cost of this resource, it is imperative to accurately forecast these requirements to keep data center expenses in line with budgets. But how do you know how much power is needed?

Person with a laptop next to servers in a dark room.
Person in a dark room checking on servers.

The Challenge

When purchasing new compute and storage infrastructure, customers want to be assured there is enough power capacity to not only meet immediate needs, but future needs based on forecasted growth and demand. In many cases, customers project this buying decision based on the hardware manufacturer’s specifications. However, CyrusOne’s historical data shows power utilization often result in over-provisioning capacity. This is both costly from short-term capital outlays tied to the installation of the whips and potential long-term expenditures associated with stranded power.

CyrusOne Power Play – A Numerical Advantage

Faced with these constraints and potential pitfalls, stakeholders responsible for overall data center management become challenged to educate themselves to make better informed capacity-planning decisions. To further understand the importance of how much power to purchase and install within our recommended guidance, fill out the form above to be provided a link and password to our power calculator which will assist you in more accurately predicting your power needs today, and safeguard the power you need in the future.

Photo of servers and employee maintaining them.