R Systems

With locations in Houston/Austin, Texas and Champaign, Illinois, R Systems NA, Inc. is an on-demand, High Performance Computing cluster resource provider serving a diverse group of clients in the commercial and academic research communities. Every cluster configuration is designed to fit the client’s specific usage requirements and packaged with world-class systems administration support. With this support, users avoid tedious systems management, making every project a value-added experience. The results are productive throughput while saving time and reducing cost.

R Systems cluster configurations include optimal core count, networking, memory aggregation and security for cluster usage on a utility (pay-as-you-go) or dedicated basis. Customers can utilize servers in two separate CyrusOne locations, as well as R Systems’ data centers in Champaign under flexible Service Level Agreements. In designing customer solutions, R Systems partners with both leading edge hardware and software companies to achieve the most productive performance in optimizing, scaling-up or revolutionizing the customers’ HPC applications.

Fast Facts

We serve the following market verticals:

  • Bio-Tech
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Healthcare/Pharma
  • Insurance/Actuarial
  • Motorsports
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wind Energy


List of products / services

Through key hardware and software combinations, R Systems can provide the following customized services to researchers:

  • Dedicated hosting– Physically distinct configurations available exclusively to a single customer with a secure networking solution.
  • Shared systems– High Performance Compute Cluster (HPCC) and Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) used by multiple researchers with less proprietary research.
  • Virtual private clusters- System carved out of Shared Systems and reconfigured for exclusive access with optimized configurations and versions for a specific user or application.
  • Off-site/remote facilities– Accepting and managing R Systems or client-owned hardware in our facilities or in our colo partner’s facilities CyrusOne.
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Company Information

Brian Kucic
Principal/Business Development