FiberLocator® is a unique, comprehensive telecommunications database encompassing hundreds of carriers and non-standard fiber network providers all over the country. With FiberLocator, you get the most complete and up-to-date information on dark fiber, high capacity optical services, data centers and lit buildings.

FiberLocator Product Feature Overview

  • Convenient online application & print outputs
  • Dynamic legend of carriers and layers
  • Search street-level maps from 200+ carriers
  • Measure distances & search within a radius

FiberLocator Product & Service Options

  • Single Snapshot
    • Get a map and carrier legend of one location based on your specifications for scale, layers and options such as radius and distance measurements.
  • Online Database Access
    • Self-service web-based access to the FiberLocator telecom maps database. Choose a subscription or enterprise multi-seat accounts.
  • Reports & Professional Services
    • Get data, maps and investigation from our experienced team of analysts and field engineers for a greenfield search, feasibility study or a connectivity report.


Why FiberLocator?

With FiberLocator, you can explore carriers near your data center, validate networks in your area for customer requests or for expansion to new facilities at high-value locations. You can access network maps, carrier services offered, and even non-standard providers (such as municipal networks and utility companies) through a variety of options within FiberLocator:

  • Use the online application that gives you on-demand access to the high capacity network intelligence
  • Show your prospects credible third party data
  • FiberLocator reports and feasibility studies with available field surveys/validation can further add to your due diligence
  • Consulting and brokerage services to source networks availability for your clients
  • On-demand access to street level maps


Remain Carrier Neutral

Is your data center carrier neutral? If so, your customers still may have questions about your high bandwidth network options. Rather than let telecom carrier sales reps guide your sales cycle, consider giving customers the telecom facilities information they need while remaining impartial by showing them an audit or certification from FiberLocator.




Lindsay Dignan
Implementation Specialist
[email protected]