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Extensha Solutions, headquartered in Lewisville TX, is a solution provider for data center migrations, consolidation and continuity initiatives for medium to large enterprise organizations. Extensha’s customers are organizations that have made the decisions to move their Data Center to a Co-Location and since 2008 Extensha has been providing data center solutions to their customer and partners infrastructure initiatives. When organizations initiate the process to migrate their data center, strategic decisions need to be made on where to move, how to relocate hardware and migrate data while obtaining the goals of reduced operational costs and still providing services. Decisions need to be made on how migration is going to occur with as little disruption as possible to business and customer operations.

Extensha’s approach to Data Center projects focuses on understanding your current environment and your vision & goals for your new hardware & facility. We then develop a program strategy that accomplishes your objectives and by effectively aligning within your I.T department and advocacy for your customers. The result is a Data center transformation that actually transforms.

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EVISAN is a data center management solution that provides real time infrastructure application and data mapping across your virtual and physical layers. By deploying our solution, we quickly gain insight into your upstream and downstream dependencies accurately and effectively as well as the performance of your systems.

EVISAN is a deployed application that analyzes your infrastructure and how it’s all connected. By leveraging the mapping capabilities team members in real time can create accurate data center illustrations and blueprints. Using EVISAN, you are able to remove the guessing and cultural knowledge that has cascaded through employee cycles.

Data Center Migration Methodology

Migrating to a state-of-the-art data center is a strategic initiative that can increase your business goals, while reducing your cost of ownership. Since your Data Center is mission-critical and to get the most value out of your investment, Extensha’s methodology addresses these risks and is customizable to your core infrastructure. Whether you are moving all or just a segment of your data center, Extensha’s Methodology provides a simplified process to the complexities and agility to realize your objectives.

Below are our Key Program Services along with our Methodology with descriptions of key deliverables for each phase.

Residency Programs

Extensha’s Residency program provides skilled Engineers & Project Managers to fill critical gaps for both your project portfolio as well as operational activities. We deploy highly skilled and professional Consultants who understand how to work in an IT operation as well as provide superior Subject Matter expertise for your projects.

Our residents will be apart of your day to day operations and take direction from your management team. We ensure they will quickly assimilate into your organization as well as perform these tasks at a high level.

Depending upon objectives, the residents can stay working within the operation or be transitioned, full or part-time to support the overall Data Center Project.

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