Winter storm puts emphasis on IT disaster recovery

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A major winter storm is expected to hit much of the northeastern part of the United States, creating blizzard conditions in some areas. This type of event emphasizes the importance of IT disaster recovery for many types of businesses.

Major snowstorms can be a major cause of power outages. The combination of heavy snow and high winds can lead to many fallen trees and branches. This debris can hit power lines and create extended outages that leave businesses without many services that are essential to getting the job done.

Under such circumstances, maintaining customer-facing IT systems is essential to avoiding reputation-related damages. Colocation services can go a long way in making this possibly.

Most colocation facilities are built with redundant power supplies and backup generators or batteries that provide the infrastructure needed to keep servers running even if the primary utility system is unavailable because of a storm. This ensures that customer-facing services remain available during a disaster.

Organizations can also use colocation to host their primary data center infrastructure. By doing this, they position themselves to keep their applications and other systems available, allowing employees to work remotely if the solutions are setup in a way that enables access through any network connection.