Understanding when to use data center services

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Data center colocation can be an invaluable service for many businesses. In some cases, the solution’s value stems from its ability to enable organizations to put their equipment in a third-party facility without losing any control over systems. In other instances, colocation is valuable because it gives businesses access to services to go along with the equipment hosting. Understanding when to take advantage of those services, and when to maintain complete control, is vital to maximizing the value of the colocation strategy.

In the end, the decision about data center services will come down to different factors for various businesses. A small business, for example, may have a small enough IT department to make the thought of third-party services an exciting one. However, stringent regulatory requirements, specialized equipment configuration and other issues may make that organization want to take control.

Conversely, a major corporation with a large IT staff may be a natural candidate for managing its own systems in a colocation facility, but be using the strategy to expand to a new market in a distant region, making data center services particularly valuable.

The key to data center services decisions is to carefully analyze what the vendor can offer beside what a company needs and respond accordingly. There is not necessarily a hard-and-fast rule as to which decision makes more sense.