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One of the major benefits of data center services is the option to not have to worry about the specifics of disaster recovery. However, firms still need to ensure that their data center provider has high-quality IT disaster recovery planning in place to ensure optimized operations that can weather any storm.

According to Forbes, it is critical for a data center to have a disaster plan, especially as the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season kicks-off on June 1. While the eastern seaboard is the most frequently affected area during the storm season, a Dallas data center and even thouse on the West Coast can be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes as they blow across the Atlantic or into the Gulf of Mexico.

The IT industry recovered swiftly from Hurricane Sandy – a testament to the advances in the data center technology and planning. However, best practices will continue to be tested and firms, especially those on the East Coast, need to ensure they are optimized for continued operations and the protection of one of their most valuable assets.

Cloudy skies
Firms need to ensure they have the proper tools in place to protect their data, and while investing in the cloud seems like an easy solution, companies need to remember that behind every cloud service is a physical data center that could just as easily be affected. By investing in colocation from a Phoenix data center, businesses along the Atlantic can ensure they are protecting their data and improving general operations in other ways.

When storms aren’t the threat
However, a hurricane isn’t the only disaster-related threat businesses face today. Tornadoes can ravage organizations in the mid-west, earthquakes disrupt operations easily on the West Coast and snow storms can strike even in June in northern parts of the country. Firms worried about the weather and all of the various threats that it holds need to ensure they invest in the right tools not only to protect themselves during stressful times, but that allow them to improve data usage when there is no threat looming on the horizon.

Ultimately, colocation services can optimize the data center for any business, and help better prepare them for disasters, natural or manmade. However, companies have to ensure that the services they invest in provide top-end disaster recovery planning as well.