Ensuring IT disaster recovery planning comes long before disaster

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  • Ensuring IT disaster recovery planning comes long before disaster

When Hurricane Isaac struck the southeastern United States this week, many unprepared organizations likely found themselves in a bind when it came to IT disaster recovery planning. As told by ZDNet columnist David Chernicoff, the moments leading up to possible disaster is not the time to begin planning for it. That should be done long before the weatherman issues a warning.

Chernicoff notes that companies are not powerless in the final hours before a storm or other disaster hits. That is the time to make sure that responsibilities are in order and everything is up to date. However, that is not when organizations should be looking to overhaul their whole strategy.

“The problem with this is that while facing impending doom it is not the time to check to see if you are wearing clean underwear,” Chernicoff wrote. “Planning to mitigate the potential problems that some sort of disaster can bring … is an ongoing process, not a last-minute patch.”

When the announcement comes that a hurricane is on the horizon, companies would be better served to take a deep breath and run through a checklist. Building a last-minute recovery process on the fly runs the distinct risk of making things worse if the impending disaster hits with all its force.