Data center services can pay dividends in healthcare

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The transition from paper-based records systems to electronic health records has taken its toll on the healthcare industry. Many hospitals are struggling to keep up with the financial and technical demands of continuously upgrading IT systems to support EHRs and solutions can easily distract from the core competency of hospitals – taking care of patients.

However, there is a simpler way for hospitals and other care organizations to make the most of technology without straining their budgets or technical staff. By outsourcing elements of the data center, healthcare organizations can streamline IT management functions and reduce costs.

Data center services can help healthcare companies reorganize their IT setup to eliminate unnecessary costs by outsourcing server hosting, network solutions and other elements of the data center to a solutions provider.

Furthermore, HIPAA-compliant hosting is becoming a realistic option for many organizations, as more data center operators are developing policies and procedures that align with regulatory requirements to ensure customers can safely host their operations in a third-party facility.

Because regulatory compliance can be achieved while outsourcing, the healthcare sector can take full advantage of the data center service market, allowing them to enable new technologies without disrupting operations.