Data center colocation vendors making move to data virtualization

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A colocation provider can offer customers the high-density power and cooling architectures needed to support system virtualization. However, many colocation vendors are also beginning to explore data virtualization as a way to drive efficiency benefits to another level, IT Business Edge reported.

According to the news source, data virtualization offers to create immense storage savings by allowing organizations to functionally move data between users without having to physically replicate the data onto external sources. The end result is a situation in which users can tap into the same source data, regardless of their location, minimizing the burden on storage systems.

The report explained that cloud and colocation providers are among the organizations that are heralding in the data virtualization movement, and they are using the technology to deliver significant benefits to clients. In many cases, data virtualization proves ideal in cloud and colocation settings because it enables organizations to manage data separately from the infrastructure, making it much easier to maximize efficiency in both areas.

Virtualization is, on a conceptual level, about making data and hardware resources more accessible by eliminating the restrictive limitations of location. Virtual machines or databases can be moved between locations, creating flexibility. Colocation adds to these advantages by creating a more flexible facility architecture for organizations to operate their IT systems in, leading to major operational benefits.