Data center colocation lets government bodies achieve IT goals

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  • Data center colocation lets government bodies achieve IT goals

Data center colocation is emerging as a primary service model for government organizations that are facing mounting pressure to meet new IT demands.

According to a recent Stratetech report, many government agencies are finding that working with a colocation provider, turning to the cloud or developing a similar third-party IT strategy helps them keep costs and management burdens under control.

Randi Powell, analyst for Deltek Research, explained that many government agencies are trying to complete long-neglected IT projects and evaluating new, and more efficient, ways to get the job done.

“State and local governments move at the speed that their budgets allow,” Powell told the news source. “They’ve been trying to stretch out the equipment they have for as long as they can, but at the end of last year and this year, we’ve seen a rebound, and they’re moving forward with their postponed projects.”

Colocation can be ideal for government organizations because some vendors are able to develop facility and operational strategies that comply with robust regulatory compliance and align with sophisticated data protection strategies. As a result, colocation, especially combined with data center services, can be an ideal option for government bodies.