Data center colocation ideal when considering a facility move

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A data center move can be an incredibly stressful process that is fraught with pitfalls and logistical nightmares. Overcoming these issues requires a combination of holistic planning and a bit of luck. One way to improve the odds of success during a move is to develop effective partnerships that allay some of the concerns that rise during this process.

Working with a colocation provider can be ideal in this area, as a colocation facility can be used to circumvent any of the weaknesses of the new facility. For example, a business that is moving to a new data center to support its high-performance workloads can house its critical legacy systems in a colocation facility to save space in the new data center and ease the mass migration to its new setup. 

Data center colocation is also ideal for businesses that want to maintain uptime during a move. A company can establish its backup configuration cost effectively in a colocation facility and support operations from that configuration while the move is taking place. Once the migration is completed, the colocation setup can go back into backup status and be ready in case of disaster.

A colocation plan can be ideal when moving to a new facility, especially when data center provider services come into play, allowing the vendor to handle some management tasks during the process.