Data center colocation closely linked to the cloud

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Partnering with a colocation provider and working with a cloud vendor present many similarities. In fact, colocation can offer many of the benefits of the cloud while giving organizations control over their infrastructure. However, colocation and the cloud are not interchangeable, creating an environment in which the two industries are linked, but not likely to have a huge impact on one another.

A recent Gigaom report making predictions for 2015 suggested that colocation and cloud computing are both set for growth, but colocation will not swipe significant profits away from cloud providers. While data center colocation is able to give clients some advantages over the cloud, the market situation is one in which different types or organizations will be looking at colocation than those that would consider the cloud.

The news source pointed out that the mainstream cloud customer is not going to want to deal with the technical nuances of colocation, even though the service model is moving beyond its reputation as a glorified real estate industry.

Data center colocation does indeed offer much more than real estate. Leasing space in a colocation facility gives companies a wide range of technical benefits because the state-of-the-art resources available through a colocation plan empower IT leaders to establish a more robust and sophisticated configuration with the data center.