Consider employee amenities when implementing colocation services

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Many companies turn to colocation in an effort to expand their enterprise data center footprint. While colocation services are often able to accomplish this, they do come with a few challenges. One common issue is the need to have IT staff available to travel to the third-party facility to manage IT equipment. Working with a provider that can ease this burden can create incredible value for businesses.

Managing the data center can be challenge, especially if IT staff members do not have convenient access to the facility. When selecting a colocation provider, it is important to consider everything from how workers will enter and exit the facility and what kinds of management and maintenance tools they will have available there.

Working with a colocation provider that does not offer good amenities for customer IT workers can create headaches. Workers could have to deal with inconveniences when entering and exiting the building, lack of management support or limited resources in general.

It also helps to work with a colocation vendor that cares about making client employees comfortable. Basic support can go a long way toward easing the challenges associated with managing a remote data center and a good service provider can make that happen.