Colocation services can help companies prepare for disaster

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September is National Preparedness Month. For many companies, this might mean putting a greater emphasis on disaster recovery, as a recent study from insurance company Travelers found that just 48 percent of businesses currently have business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place.

While Travelers’ advice focused primarily on evacuating buildings and putting other safety measures in place, company vice president Marty Henry also pointed out that extreme weather conditions have become more common, especially in many U.S. coastal states, but many businesses have not yet stepped up efforts to protect themselves against the threats.

Henry said that companies need to begin taking disaster recovery more seriously and put more effort into planning contingencies to protect against emergency events. Furthermore, he explained that hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other highly publicized disasters are not the only threats businesses have to consider. Severe thunderstorms and other, more common, natural disasters can also create major problems for businesses.

Turning to colocation can help companies overcome these problems by giving them access to a secondary site to house data and servers. Generally, colocation services are housed in data centers that are much more resilient than private corporate facilities, adding another layer of protection.