Colocation, other data center leasing plans gaining prominence

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When companies turn to third-party data center services, such as colocation, that let them lease space in a facility, they gain access to sophisticated resources they generally cannot afford or manage on their own. This is creating an environment in which data center leasing is becoming much more prominent among organizations, DataCenter Dynamics reported.

While the strategic, technical and fiscal benefits of data center leasing are clear, there are some challenges that need to be overcome. One of the greatest difficulties comes in developing the right real estate lease arrangement, the news source said.

According to the report, many organizations turn to their standard real estate department when negotiating a lease, creating problems because specialist knowledge is needed when developing an agreement pertaining to data center space. This challenge can be overcome by turning to legal professionals with specific expertise in this area.

While colocation can create some peripheral challenges, the solution can also function as a strategic enabler that positions companies to get the most out of their technological investments. As a result, any qualms that IT leaders have with third-party strategies can quickly be replaced by excitement for better reliability, cost efficiency and technological proficiency within an organization.