Colocation offers data center scalability without risk

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The rise of cloud computing has been heralded by pundits lauding the technology’s capability to support scalability in the data center. Scalability can be an extremely valuable asset for IT managers because the costs of purchasing hardware and other systems to support new demands can be considerable. The management burden of such efforts are also significant. Data center services can help alleviate these issues.

Many experts agree that the cloud’s ability to offer scalability makes the technology a unique asset for businesses, but these gains come with some risk. Cloud computing’s ability to offer scalability is built around a shared resource model. This can create security and data ownership issues that pose a major problem for IT managers trying to protect sensitive information.

Colocation services can offer scalability that is similar to the cloud, but without the risk. With colocation, companies own their IT infrastructure and house it in a third-party facility. In this model, organizations can lease data center space and can expand and contract their data center footprint as necessary. As a result, IT managers can get the scalability they need without having to take on the security risks associated with the cloud.