Colocation in demand as CIO struggle to adapt to change

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CIOs are facing a difficult operational climate. Businesses are pushing them to reduce budgets or get by with stagnant spending. At the same time, they are being asked to improve operations in major ways. According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, this paradox is leading many organizations to turn to colocation services and similar data center outsourcing solutions.

The report noted that IT leaders are being tasked with revitalizing legacy applications, introducing high-density computing options into the data center and developing a long-term cloud computing strategy. CIOs have to manage all of these strategic and operational issues while also maintaining day-to-day functionality.

Data Center Knowledge explained that the burden of keeping up with these diverse demands is creating an environment in which many organizations are turning to colocation. Companies are forced to make this shift to alleviate the internal IT burden and gain access to data center environments that can support the performance and capacity demands they are facing.

Colocation provides an ideal avenue for companies trying to upgrade IT without taking on excess costs. The solution provides the facility side of data center operations while dramatically reducing the capital expenses involved with maintaining IT.