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The security benefits of colocation are often left undiscussed, but they are, in many ways, just as important as the other gains offered by the technological service.

One of the primary security gains offered by colocation comes in the form of access control. When companies design their own data centers, they have to protect data from any external or insider threats. This means not only having building and property security systems in place, but also internal access control solutions that limit who can access what infrastructure.

Colocation providers can often divert more resources to these systems than traditional businesses because managing the data center, and all subsequent security responsibilities, is a core competency for vendors.

Network security also plays a role in colocation plans. Colocation providers are often able to offer advanced interconnect infrastructure and robust data protection systems. This allows them to safeguard the network from hacking, either through logical or physical methods.

While these solutions do not solve all of a business’ security problems, colocation providers can handle many core data protection tasks, allowing organizations to focus more resources on the processes that they are responsible for.