Cloud-based enterprises should consider data center colocation

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More business leaders around the globe are implementing the cloud to cut infrastructure costs, globalize their workforces and ease the processes of data storage and backup. However, not all of these executives have clearly defined game plans for expansion.

Whether you’re aiming to expand a healthcare data center, a financial data center or just an internal network of a private business, colocation solutions can be an effective step toward high performance and security. A colocation provider offers flexible, scalable server space that can help data-driven businesses grow as they continue to implement the cloud into their daily operations. Some enterprises want to back up their infrastructure in remote locations. Others seek to expand their storage capacity but don’t have the funds to do. Colocation can serve as a top-notch, cost-effective expansion plan for all of the above.

Survey highlights cloud growth, hints toward colocation
A recent survey by KPMG LLP, an audit, tax and advisory firm, found that 49 percent of cloud users attribute cost efficiencies as the top reason for implementing the technology. Another 48 percent noted its value in regards to workforce mobility and flexibility. As businesses continue to adopt the cloud, the market for colocation solutions seems poised to grow right alongside.

“People’s expectations as employees are a lot different than they were ten years ago,” said Mark Shank, managing director of the digital and mobile practice for KPMG. “Employees today demand the same access, experience, and richness on their work computers and mobile devices as they have on their personal devices. Cloud is making that possible, and organizations are turning to it to enable a more flexible and mobile workforce.”

Cloud and mobile connectivity
In a recent interview with TechRadar Pro, Per Wising, the head of research and development for Projectplace, said that cloud computing is encouraging collaboration in the business world. To ensure consistent, secure growth of the cloud, aspirational enterprises should look toward data center colocation as a method of intelligent expansion.

“We can already see apps being developed for cloud tools, and it will only be a matter of time before they’re widely available for all desktop applications and devices,” Wising told the news outlet. “As the workforce shifts from office based to a more fluid team style, there will be a greater focus on mobile apps that empower individuals to use smartphones, tablets and laptops.”