3 ways data center colocation is better than building a facility

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Working with a colocation provider can create some challenges, but these difficulties are easily overcome by he benefits of the service model. Colocation is often ideal as an alternative to building a facility. A few reasons why colocation can be better than a purpose-built data center include:

1. Faster time to production
Building a data center can take anywhere from six months to a few years. Companies can get a data center colocation plan underway in a matter of months, allowing organizations to quickly take advantage of advanced facility resources.

2. Access to state-of-the-art capabilities
Few businesses have access to employees who are experts at building a data center. Even experienced IT workers may not know much about the unique facility considerations that come into play in the data center. The importance of specialized knowledge is a key reason to implement a colocation plan instead of trying to figure out the best ways to build a private data center.

3. Flexibility
Companies that build their own data center must also be prepared to work within the confines of that facility for an extended period of time, even if their IT needs change dramatically. Colocation plans offer the flexibility to adjust the configuration more readily and become more responsive to business demands.

A colocation plan makes it much easier for organizations to gain access to the facility resources they need with minimal disruption, leading to significant everyday gains.