3 considerations when choosing a data center provider

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Data center colocation and similar services can transform the way organizations access and manage technology. However, the success of this transformation hinges on finding the right partner. As such, making effective vendor decisions is essential when implementing any form of IT service.

Location is a vital consideration when making such a choice. Businesses turning to a colocation provider must not only think about the proximity of the data center to their offices, but where the facility is located in relation to key operator networks. In many cases, a company can actually use a colocation facility a few hours away from its offices, giving it a more geographically diverse storage setup, without sacrificing performance. High-performance interconnects are key to unlocking this functionality.

Data center services should also be evaluated. Management capabilities are a fairly common colocation offering, but some vendors will establish processes to comply with different regulatory standards, making them an ideal fit for businesses with highly-specific needs.

A third provider consideration is its flexibility. IT needs are changing fast and many businesses are struggling to keep up with these shifts. A colocation provider capable of offering flexible, scalable services can be an invaluable asset, making elasticity a prime attribute to look for in a vendor.