Energy Industries: Data Centers for Oil & Gas Companies

Leveraging a Data Center Partner for Efficient Seismic Data Processing and Transfer

Supporting the unique requirements of energy production, petroleum seismic processing, and oil and gas data management is no small task. Best-in-class data center service requires specific energy industry expertise to reliably support software applications and multi-terabyte data volumes behind critical activities such as seismic interpretation, well-path planning, and unconventional systems engineering.

Many energy companies seek a trusted data center partner to create efficiencies in high performance computing, data processing, and data transfer and back-up. These firms also require proper planning for future growth and disaster recovery initiatives.

Enbridge Energy Company Recommends CyrusOne

“As we’ve captured greater market share over the last couple years, our connectivity demands have grown at an exponential rate. We wanted a partner that could help us continue to expand without having to tie up capital in infrastructure. CyrusOne was our top choice because they were able to deliver a comprehensive custom solution that saved us time, money and – just as important – helped us avoid a lot of headaches.”

– Pete Rake
Manager of Infrastructure/SCADA Operations, Enbridge Energy Company, Inc.

Use Robust Interconnectivity with the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX)

Your organization can access the CyrusOne National IX, which matches low-cost robust connectivity with massively scaled data centers creating a unique data center platform that virtually links CyrusOne’s enterprise facilities in multiple metropolitan markets.

The CyrusOne National IX, coupled with CyrusOne’s global footprint of data center locations, enables energy companies to build a cost-effective, multi-facility data center platform.

Engineered with particular focus on providing the most secure and reliable network for massive, real-time data transfer and multi-point accessibility of exploration and operational software, CyrusOne National IX adheres to the broadest bandwidth and accessibility parameters while flexibility and “right fit” interconnection remain central to its platform.

How CyrusOne’s Houston West Data Center Campus Delivers the Highest Density Solutions to Customers

Learn how forward-thinking CIOs are significantly reducing production costs and increasing profit margins with high performance computing in world-class, high density data centers.

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