Many Industries Seek CyrusOne Quality Solutions

With a history of successfully serving virtually all industries within the Fortune 1000, CyrusOne is standing ready to ensure that your enterprise is equipped with right-sized custom data center solutions – tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise – for today and tomorrow.

Cloud and IT Service Providers

Leveraging the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX) platform as an on ramp to Megaport’s fabric, via a 1G or 10G interface, provides CyrusOne customers access to top cloud resources, network operators, and content services.

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Data Centers for the Technology Industry & Big Internet

Big Internet Requires Immediate, Scalable Data Center Solutions Big Internet companies are charged with scaling with unprecedented innovation, speed, agility and reliability. Every minute, over 204 million emails are sent, 50,000 apps are downloaded, 6 million Facebook views take place, and 62,000 hours of music are streamed. The reality is that Big Internet firms need


Energy Industries: Data Centers for Oil & Gas Companies

Many energy companies seek a trusted data center partner to create efficiencies in high performance computing, data processing, and data transfer and back-up. These firms also require proper planning for future growth and disaster recovery initiatives. Opportunities for energy companies to outsource these solutions are leading them to CyrusOne.

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Data Centers and the Finance & Banking Industries

Successful financial services and banking organizations must find new ways to compete in an increasingly complex industry. Every day, banks and financial firms grapple with processing and storing huge amounts of data. When they find themselves constrained by their legacy in-house data centers and connectivity solutions, they turn to CyrusOne. Find out why.


Data Centers for the Retail Industry

Successful retailers are moving their IT infrastructure to well-connected colocation facilities to take advantage of interconnected data center production and disaster-recovery solutions that scale with their business needs. Opportunities for retailers to outsource these solutions are leading them to CyrusOne.

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State & Federal Government Data Centers & Colocation Sites

State and federal government agencies are often met with the challenge of consolidating data centers to control costs, meet government mandates or distribute infrastructure to better meet mission-critical objectives. With evolving data center needs and stringent requirements for security, performance, reliability and uptime, many agencies are turning to CyrusOne. Find out why.


Data Centers for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare executives are faced with an unprecedented number of challenges to innovate new products and services, reduce costs, and provide improved patient outcomes. Coupled with today’s adoption of new technologies across healthcare systems with expanding volumes of digital data, healthcare organizations are seeking new solutions for IT infrastructure. Find out what leads them to CyrusOne.

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Data Centers Specialized for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Data Center Solutions for Media and Entertainment Media & Entertainment Companies Require Secure, Scalable Data Center Solutions Media and entertainment companies are facing change at an unprecedented pace. Changing user demographics and an explosion of digital data means they must revamp their digital supply chain and use Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud computing to augment