CyrusOne data centers in Houston have been fortunate to maintain power and have sustained uptime during Hurricane Harvey. Our significant investments in backup power systems are made for situations like this and our data centers are designed to run indefinitely on generator power if required.

In all Texas data centers, the CyrusOne emergency management and response plan was activated last week and remains in effect. Houston data centers are staffed around-the-clock and we are grateful for our dedicated employees, many of whom have been away from their families during this trying time.

Our 24/7 customer support is available to assist all of our Houston Customers: moc.e1519255083nosur1519255083yc@ec1519255083ivreS1519255083remot1519255083suC1519255083 or call 855-564-3198, option 2

CyrusOne has made additional office space available for our Houston customers in our Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Phoenix locations.

The unprecedented destruction of Harvey is a disaster for the Houston area. While our current priority is maintaining availability throughout the storm, CyrusOne is exploring how the company can most immediately support relief efforts and we plan to make a substantial commitment to helping people in Southeast Texas get back on their feet in the days, weeks, and months ahead.