Why Choose CyrusOne as Your Data Center Provider?

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Highly Reliable and Scalable Data Center Solutions

cyrusonesuitesecurityPartnering with a data center provider is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity.

More and more forward-thinking enterprises are working with CyrusOne to obtain outstanding reliability and flexibility for their IT environment.

Selected by nearly half of the Fortune 20 and over 190 of the Fortune 1000, CyrusOne is the trusted data center provider and advisor to many top enterprises. Your custom data center solution is just a phone call away.

CyrusOne enables firms to shift precious IT resources away from in-house data centers and use them to drive innovation and core business growth.


Preferred Data Center Provider and Trusted Advisor

Join CyrusOne and enjoy:

  • Flexible, Scalable Solutions – Receive solutions that readily scale to match the requirements of your growing business
  • Proven, Innovative Technology – Benefit from the latest innovations CyrusOne expert technicians can put to work for your IT environment
  • Exceptional Service – Enjoy personalized service through all stages of the relationship – design, build, installation, management, and reporting
  • CyrusOne National IX for Connectivity – Use the National IX to mix and match data centers to create your own production or disaster recovery platforms.


The Massively Modular® Approach

cyrusone_largescalebuildtosuitCyrusOne’s Massively Modular data center engineering provides you with a number of unique benefits, including significant construction and asset utilization efficiencies rarely achievable in smaller facilities.

How does CyrusOne do it? Massively Modular enables CyrusOne to rapidly deploy a data center due to:

  • Making an upfront investment in common infrastructure such as land, building shell, substation, fire protection, and management systems
  • Building out electrical and mechanical subsystems in a modular and scalable design as needed
  • Completing increments of colocation space just in time to meet customer requirements.

CyrusOne can typically build your full data hall solution in a record breaking 12-16 weeks.

Aggressive sourcing enables a speedy development of the space, which, in turn, enables CyrusOne to deliver inventory to match customer requirements right when it’s needed.