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cyrusonecolocationservicesData Center Solutions from CyrusOne offer industry-specific experience delivering best-in-class security, compliance, flexibility, and scale. Whether it’s financial services, government, retail or healthcare, CyrusOne Data Solutions cover a breadth of industry sectors and offerings to best meet your business needs.

Enjoy flexible and scalable data center solutions with proven, innovative technologies and exceptional service levels.


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Build-to-suit Solutions: CyrusOne offers Massively Modular® engineering to deliver build-to-suit IT solutions. This design approach enables CyrusOne to deliver data halls within 12-16 weeks to ensure space is available when needed. Aggressive sourcing enables a speedy commissioning of the site, which in turn enables CyrusOne to deliver inventory just in time to match with your expansion needs.
Colocation Solutions: Colocation enables businesses to place their IT infrastructure in specially designed and highly secure data centers without space, technology, or connectivity constraints. CyrusOne delivers advanced, highly reliable design architectures to support flexible power requirements (2N, N, or both) and rack power densities of 250 watts per square foot or up to 900 watts per square foot.
Cabinets & Racks: Customizable Cabinets and Racks are Eco-friendly and Secure. CyrusOne’s server cabinets feature aisle containment doors, 4-post open racks, and multi-compartments for versatile usage. Cabinet doors come in a range of heights, widths, and depths to meet your specific needs.
Customized Cages: Designed to isolate and segregate the dynamics of airflow, this environmentally efficient approach provides an endless variety of options which can be tailored and managed to meet your individual security and airflow requirements. CyrusOne’s customizable, secure cage solutions limit air mixing into adjacent spaces, and provide greater security and privacy for your critical compute systems.
Small Business Solutions: CyrusOne provides flexible colocation options to empower small and medium-sized companies to secure their IT infrastructures in a highly reliable environment. Easily select the best business application packaged solutions and locate the entire critical IT infrastructure in one of CyrusOne’s top-tier facilities.
Financial Services: Many financial institutions depend on the CyrusOne National IX to provide low-cost, robust connectivity across multiple metropolitan markets. Our data center solutions enable banks and other financial organizations to connect multiple operation sites very cost-effectively and securely.
Healthcare: Data center solutions help healthcare enterprises overcome unprecedented challenges. Healthcare executives are faced with increasing pressure to innovate new products and services, reduce costs, and provide    improved patient outcomes. Adoption of new technologies with volumes of digital data have prompted health IT firms to outsource these support needs to CyrusOne.
Federal: CyrusOne data center solutions are available to help you fulfill the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative’s (FDCCI) goal. Meet government compliance mandates such as FISMA, NIST and critical cost controls with lower operational expenses. CyrusOne delivers exceptional data center reliability and uptime using redundant infrastructure supported by 100% Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Retail: As retailers leverage big data to stay close to mobile consumers and optimize e-commerce shopping options, reliable IT infrastructure is needed to support the growing number of IT infrastructure and system applications. Retail data center solutions that scale are available from CyrusOne.
Energy: Supporting the unique requirements of energy production, petroleum seismic processing, and oil and gas data management is no small task. Best-in-class data center solutions require specific energy industry expertise to reliably support software applications and multi-terabyte data volumes behind critical energy activities.
Media & Entertainment: Media and entertainment companies are facing change at an unprecedented pace. Changing user demographics and an explosion of digital data means they must revamp their digital supply chain and use Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud computing to augment and evolve. Building digital archives includes digitizing assets and leveraging these archives to support ongoing production. All of these advancements require secure, scalable, long term data center solutions available from CyrusOne.
Technology: In order to accommodate the scale and speed at which Internet companies are growing, the data center must be dynamic. The CyrusOne National IX, coupled with the CyrusOne’s large footprint of data center locations and 100 percent uptime service level agreements (SLAs), providing successful organizations cost-effective, multi-location data center solutions.


CyrusOne enables firms to shift precious IT resources away from in-house data centers and use them to drive innovation and core business growth. Request a proposal for a data center solution that’s right for you or call 855-564-3198.



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