Data Centers – Ensuring Your Holiday Purchases Occur Smoothly

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As internet traffic continues to grow at record levels this Holiday Season, one key question is keeping large retailer CEO’s and CTO’s up at night:

Will I have enough space, bandwidth, and security to keep my customers on my digital store (website) to quickly complete transactions this holiday season?

From CyrusOne’s customer perspective, the answer is a definitive YES.

We are seeing some of our largest customers encounter as much as a near 100% increase in network traffic. Just as important this surge in demand has not coincided with any downtime, increased latency, or other critical issues. During the holiday shopping season, these kinds of issues can be a fatal for a retail company.

How did we do this?

First, it is important to understand that the growing trend of online sales did not start overnight.
Successful retailers have been moving their IT infrastructure to our well-connected colocation facilities to take advantage of interconnected data center production and disaster recovery solutions that scale with their business needs. Simply put, we have proven that the path of least resistance and maximum efficiency when it comes to scaling IT and cloud services is through CyrusOne data centers.

Second, CyrusOne understand the need for uninterrupted access and high demands for data.
We do this through flexible, scalable solutions. Similar to our retail clients, we do not believe that one-size fits all when it comes to data center space and power. Each customer requires their own growth plan and our proven technology and experienced team of engineers makes that possible.

Finally, it all comes back to reliability.
Customers choose their stores during the holiday season for reliability. They are putting their trust in a brand so they know the value they are paying is accurate of the quality they are receiving. It’s the same at CyrusOne. We continue to grow rapidly because we offer best-in-class reliability and service. Plus, our data centers are interconnected by the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange which offers robust yet low-cost national, regional and metro connectivity across major US markets.

So when you purchase items online this holiday season, take a moment to marvel at the speed and simplicity of the experience and know that behind the screen thousands of dedicated people are working alongside industry-leading technology to make it all possible.