Cross-functional Integration and Coordination

CyrusOne’s Sustainability Working Group

Our Sustainability Working Group (‘‘SWG’’) was established in 2019 to integrate sustainability and ESG strategy and planning into each function at the company, to coordinate cross-functionality, and to develop metrics and measure progress.

Reporting and Governance

CyrusOne’s Sustainability Working Group (‘‘SWG’’) is co-chaired by our EVP, General Counsel, and our Senior Director of Environmental, Health, Safety, & Sustainability, and its membership consists of the leaders of functions across the company, including those depicted below. Updates on the SWG’s activities are provided to the Board of Directors quarterly and the Senior Management Team monthly.

We take an integrated approach to embedding sustainability in foundational decision making by working across departments and sharing best practices. This allows us to manage risks and create opportunities across the company rather than restricting sustainability functions to a single department.