Phoenix Data Center Trends for 2013

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Phoenix Data Center, CyrusOneIn recent posts, we discussed trends likely to affect Phoenix data centers in the coming year.  Specifically, the major developments in 2013 will focus on:

  • Embracing the cloud
  • Making inroads with mobile devices
  • Increasing social networking security

However, experts expect data centers to experience the following during the remainder of this year:

  • As IT infrastructures become increasingly complex, expertise will be required in cloud computing, mobile devices, big data and more.  Therefore, organizations will want to hire more specialists instead of IT generalists.
  • Employees are becoming more and more technically advanced.  Customers are also more technology-savvy.  This increased knowledge will place greater demands on CIOs and IT staff.
  • As organizations require greater information sharing, IT departments will move to more open platforms.
  • New technologies will surface as the distributed economy and “everything as a service” continue to gain traction.  One example includes 3D printing for custom manufacturing.
  • In addition to technology projects, IT managers will participate in more business projects that focus on achieving corporate strategic initiatives.

These trends represent what industry analysts believe will consume CIOs during 2013.  One thing is clear:  IT departments around the globe will have their plates full!

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