How to Address Data Center Connectivity Issues

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183516872In response to our earlier Top 5 Data Center Concerns for 2015 publication, this post covers how to alleviate concern #3 – connectivity.

In the current operating environment, businesses face increasingly complex connectivity challenges.  Virtualization and mobility has changed the way businesses do business.

Regardless of size, all businesses rely on managing and distributing massive amounts of data across multiple locations.  As a result, connectivity plays a major role in data center decisions.

To connect with employees, company locations, customers, partners, investors, vendors, media and the Internet, businesses should seek the following connectivity capabilities in their data center solution:

  • A carrier-neutral approach so you can select the best carriers for your requirements.
  • Point-to-point and dark-fiber connectivity provided by multiple Metropolitan Area Network carriers.
  • N+1 switching and router configurations to ensure full redundancy with each component.
  • Dual bandwidth connections to each enclosure for the highest level of availability.
  • Connections across facilities and telecom carrier hotels in an expanding number of cities.
  • City-to-city connections delivered through high-speed wholesale connections via MPLS or Optical Waves.
  • Internet connectivity through a high-availability, multi-carrier infrastructure platform service for IP bandwidth.
  • Real-time, 24/7 monitoring, alerting and utilization reporting of IP bandwidth usage.
  • High-availability, site-to-site interconnection service for disaster recovery and hot/warm sites.
  • An Internet Exchange (IX) with site-to-site interconnect IP service, high availability multi-carrier infrastructure platform service, 24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting, and utilization reporting.

Data center connectivity is a critical element in colocation solutions and a top concern for businesses.  The more flexibility a colocation provider builds into its connectivity solution, the more a business will benefit.