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High performance compute (HPC) environments in internal, company-run data centers typically require large initial investments plus additional spending every two years to maintain proper infrastructure for optimum performance. While HPC enables IT leaders to respond quickly to business demands, even small changes to performance specs mean big disruptions and require expensive updates. Now is the time to claim HPC victory, with the right data center provider. Experienced colocation providers like CyrusOne can deliver high-density compute footprints in data centers with the speed, flexibility, and reliability needed to overcome HPC challenges.

img_MaximizeHPCCapitalSeamless HPC Growth and Refresh Cycles
CyrusOne’s enterprise HPC solutions support big data growth and analytics by providing the necessary processing power. Benefits of HPC include:

  • Experience with Fortune 1000 firms relying on CyrusOne data centers’ solutions to manage their ever-shorter HPC refresh cycles
  • Scalable, cloud-based solution that can be deployed quickly and require less capital and operating investment
  • Multiple levels of redundancy to ensure operation in case of power disruptions
  • High-density cabinets to support stringent HPC requirements for uninterruptible, conditioned power connections
  • Continuous supplies of chilled water for cooling HPC servers

HPC Cloud Infrastructure with R-Systems
HPC cloud solutions are an alternative to legacy IT infrastructures because they are faster to deploy, easily scale to users and business cycles, and require less capital and operating investment. Download this cost-effective alternative with HPC in this webinar with R-Systems