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Cloud HostingCloud hosting represents the next era in IT service delivery.  The migration to the cloud has taken several decades.  In modern times, the IT industry began with mainframe computing.  Then it shifted to personal computing based on applications and data residing on an individual’s computer.  Next, network computing took hold and delivered transparency and data exchange among groups in an organization.

Now, cloud hosting is the talk of the town.  Like all new technologies, the adoption of cloud solutions will be based on established drivers.  Cloud hosting will experience its fair share of challenges as well.

Based on multiple surveys and analyst reports, common drivers for cloud solutions include the following:

  • Reduced Costs. By far the main motivation for deploying cloud solutions is the potential for significant cost reductions.
  • Increased Agility. Cloud solutions allow users to access IT resources at any time, from any location and using any device.  This flexibility boosts productivity and impacts costs.
  • Improved Responsiveness. Because resources are available on an as-needed basis, companies can improve time to market.
  • Enhanced Efficiencies. Deploying virtual infrastructures allows multiple users to access resources at the same time.  Cloud solutions also reduce complexity for both end users and IT staff.

Although the benefits businesses can expect from cloud solutions are very real, challenges still loom on the horizon.  Knowing what challenges may surface before you deploy a cloud solution can help minimize the impact.  Here are a few of the roadblocks you may have to overcome:

  • Adapting to Change. Any new technology means a change in how organizations will operate, end users will perform their work and IT staff will support initiatives.  Change is hard for many people.  So, companies must plan for overcoming some resistance.
  • Educating Users. Although cloud solutions will greatly simplify many IT operations, it may also involve some new ways of doing things.  IT managers will have to identify the learning curve and plan for education as needed.
  • Identifying Security Risks. By their nature, virtual networks may appear more vulnerable to security breaches.  However, security technologies, processes and best practices can mitigate these risks.  IT staff must be well versed in managing security in the cloud.

CyrusOne offers an enablement platform for the cloud called “The Sky for the Cloud™.” We provide the data center infrastructure or the  “home” for the cloud in a customized data hall so businesses can successfully run their cloud systems.  It’s designed for optimizing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and enabling fast interconnection to an ecosystem of business partners, content providers, networks, carriers, Internet service providers and Ethernet buyers and sellers.

“The Sky for the Cloud” includes peering within a single location to more quickly and affordably pull content from the edge of the Internet to the heart of the data center. The new platform will provide interconnection of all CyrusOne facilities in Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Phoenix.

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