Arizona Data Center: Why Build in the Desert?

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Arizona Data CenterNumerous companies and service providers have chosen to build Arizona data centers.  With equipment cooling a major expense, why select the heat-intensive desert as a data center location?

Simply put, the outside temperature has little to do with the heat inside the facility.  Almost all the heat inside an Arizona data center is generated from the electrical energy.  The heat is then taken out of the facility.  Because Arizona’s climate is famously dry, heat can more easily be removed from the data center.

Also, Arizona doesn’t experience the natural disasters of other locations.  The area is free from weather-related risks like hurricanes, earthquakes and snowstorms.  Tornadoes are also extremely rare.

Power is another plus for Arizona data centers.  In fact, more energy is produced in the state than consumed.  Arizona is even a net exporter of power.  It gets most of its power from the Palo Verde plant, the last nuclear power plant built in the U.S.  Arizona also has an abundant supply of natural gas.

Arizona data centers also have the potential to leverage green energies. With abundant sunshine, data centers can supplement power requirements using solar energy where appropriate.  Government subsidies can make solar more attractive financially.

Supplementing energy usage contributes to a green strategy.  Customers, government agencies and service providers all want to reduce power usage by increasing efficiencies.  These power reductions can be difficult when more and more organizational applications are moving online.  These applications must be supported in an “always on” environment.

Arizona data centers must meet the challenges of providing ongoing availability.  Yet, they must also balance the need to reduce energy usage.  Although these goals can be difficult, Arizona provides a strategic location for meeting data center energy requirements today and tomorrow.

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Our advanced, highly flexible design architectures support power requirements exceeding 250 kilowatts per square foot to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise requirements.  Each facility is designed to provide optimal redundancy, efficiency, security and future-proof reliability.

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