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Why Redundancy Is A Good Good Thing

August 12, 2016

Transportation companies plagued by system failures ultimately suffer from cascading losses due to outages; including revenue loss, brand integrity and customer dissatisfaction.

Partnering with a colocation provider, however, can help deliver a business continuity plan that ensures redundancy to make services much more reliable and resilient.

The importance of redundancy is driving IT leaders to back up their data in colocation facilities or make a complete data center move to leverage expert third-party resources. They understand that a well-interconnected data center can be the first step toward eliminating downtime and disaster recovery risks.

Providing interconnected data centers for active-active and active-passive duplication to deliver a platform ready for any unforeseen event, providing redundancy in three key areas:

  • Redundant Power Delivery – Ensuring redundant power using multiple systems and backup provides always-on reliability.
  • Redundant Connectivity – Networks must be redundant through multiple carriers to ensure on-going access and to support cloud services.
  • Redundant Cooling – Overheating can cause cascading failures, and makes redundancy critical in data center cooling systems.