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New Social Data Assurances on Updated 2022 Sustainability Report

October 18, 2022

Social Data Assured Sustainability Report LogoThis year, for the first time we obtained third-party assurance of our primary environmental and social data. The assurance statement, completed by ISOS Group, can be found in our updated 2022 Sustainability Report and the assured data is marked throughout the report with a red stamp. We obtained assurance to cover energy, scope 1-3 GHG emissions, water, waste, occupational safety metrics, workforce DEI metrics, and diverse supply chain spend. We are especially proud to announce the assurance of our social data as it gives us confidence that we have an accurate baseline to measure future improvements against.

Assuring GHG emissions and other environmental data is becoming increasingly common in the data center industry as companies pursue environmental targets. It is important to us that this data is accurate, which is why we chose to assure energy, scope 1-3 GHG emissions, water, and waste data.

However, we decided to go beyond environmental data and also assure our social data. At CyrusOne we believe social responsibility is important to support our Core Values of Community, Agility, Respect, Enjoyable Workplace, Ethics, and Exceptional Service (referred to as CAREEE). Social data such as safety and diversity statistics is very different to collect than environmental data and any data collection process is subject to errors. Assurance gives us confidence in the numbers we publicly report and communicate to our customers.

Our Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHSS) department works closely with the teams onsite to maintain and improve our health and safety programs and policies. While it is rather unusual to provide assurance on safety data in corporate reporting, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that we are upholding high workplace safety standards across the value chain for our employees, customers, and contractors. Providing a safe working environment is essential to help us achieve our goals and grow as a company. It also gives our customers who are monitoring their supply chain safety the confidence that our numbers are accurate.

Finally, we are proud to provide assurance for our diversity and inclusion data. This includes data on both our employee diversity and diverse supply chain spend. At CyrusOne, we recognize that a resilient workforce is a diverse one, so in 2021 we joined the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge. The pledge commits participating organizations to accelerate and improve diversity and inclusion programs. Assuring this data allows us to accurately track progress toward our goals for racial and gender equity and inclusion.

We are excited to continue this commitment to transparency in all future years as we progress towards our sustainability goals!