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Meet Demand of the On-Demand World with Multi Data Center Platform

June 1, 2016

With the onset of the “Internet of Things,” our digital devices, industrial machines and everything in between are increasingly relying on internet connections for real-time processing of information for business, to entertain us in our free time, and to engage with one another personally.

Today’s proliferation of Internet-enabled content brings with it an explosion of data — and with it, many challenges including inconsistencies in connectivity, availability and security.

Many enterprises are not prepared to handle the constant connectivity, massive storage needs and agility required to accommodate this rapidly expanding ecosystem, not to mention redundant measures to protect it and scale with business needs.

Delivering Robust, National Connectivity

Using economies of scale and Massively Modular® engineering, multi-facility data center provider CyrusOne delivers fast access to carriers, content companies and cloud providers across the ecosystem at a fraction of the cost to each user. The low-cost robust connectivity of CyrusOne’s award-winning, OIX-certified National Internet Exchange (IX) keeps multi-facility colocation platforms in sync across metro, regional or national platforms.

exec_UsingTheCyrusOneIXForActiveActiveActivePassiveGet Cost-Efficient Connectivity

Download this executive report to learn more about cost-saving advantages of accessing the CyrusOne National IX and building a multi data center platform to scale with your next wave of IT expansion.