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Hyper-Speed Data Center Building a Quick Answer for Expanded IT Needs

August 2, 2016

CyrusOne discusses why its data center product helps companies having trouble obtaining data center capacity fast enough to support their IT infrastructure.

by CyrusOne • Aug 2, 2016

Sterling IT Facility Represents New Standard in Data Center Building

Many large-scale cloud, internet, social media, and enterprise companies are growing at an unprecedented and unpredictable rate, with their IT footprints often doubling or tripling in size in just a few years, which is great for business. But, rapid growth makes it harder for these companies to predict or plan for future IT infrastructure expansion.

When enterprises determine how much IT capacity they will require to handle future business growth, it often turns out that they needed it yesterday. They often can’t build new data centers or buy colocation space fast enough to meet their skyrocketing IT infrastructure demands. In addition, the quest to build or obtain new data center space is a distraction from the company’s core business, whether that’s software development, cloud technology, social media, or other business applications.

CyrusOne’s quick-delivery data center product provides a solution for cloud technology, social media, and enterprise companies that have trouble building or obtaining data center capacity fast enough to support their IT infrastructure. A delay in obtaining data center space can also delay or stop a company’s revenue-generating initiatives, and have significant negative impact on the bottom line.

CyrusOne’s new northern Virginia Sterling II facility represents a new standard in the building of enterprise-level data centers, and confirms that CyrusOne can use the streamlined engineering elements and methods used to build Sterling II to build customized, quality data centers anywhere in the continental U.S. with a similarly rapid time-to-completion.

The record completion time of the Sterling II facility was the result of numerous data center construction principles developed by CyrusOne like CyrusOne Solutions build-to-suit IT deployments, which can deliver a completed, high-quality data center product, often in the same amount of time it takes enterprises to order and receive the computing equipment that will operate inside the facility.

This rapid time-to-delivery helps relieve the customer’s risk of not having adequate IT capacity to support their key business growth, or the infrastructure demands of new initiatives. Significantly, CyrusOne is typically able to deliver this data center product with lower construction, engineering, and operational costs to the customer.
The data center was completed in record time thanks to CyrusOne Solutions’ streamlined construction and IT deployment approach, which includes:

Massively Modular Construction
Through its Massively Modular construction and engineering methods, CyrusOne builds its data centers in standardized building blocks with 60,000 square feet of infrastructure and 4.5 megawatts of power. For customized data center projects, CyrusOne builds as many blocks as the customer requires. Using this standardized layout as a basis, CyrusOne can then customize the design of a built-to-suit data center to optimize space, power, and cooling according to the individual customer’s IT needs.

Effective Project Management Through Industry Partnerships
To build the Sterling II facility, CyrusOne Solutions put together a project-management team that included outside architects, engineers, and contractors who had worked with CyrusOne on previous data center builds. By working with these industry experts, CyrusOne was able to plan and execute the Sterling II project so that the facility could be built in a very short time.

Advanced Supply-Chain Techniques
CyrusOne made an educated decision to go with an all-precast structural concrete building, with modular power and cooling units. This enabled the company to set up advanced supply-chain operation to manufacture or pre-fabricate the components needed for the data center, providing significant savings in time and costs.
A normal data center building has tilt-up concrete walls, which are cast at the construction site. For the Sterling II data center, CyrusOne set up a separate off-site facility where the concrete wall panels could be pre-fabricated. Those panels were then brought to the construction site on trucks and used to set up the data center building. It saved time since workers at the building site didn’t have to stop while the concrete walls were being cast.

CyrusOne used a similar methodology to pre-fabricate concrete supports for the data center building, which also saved time on completion.

Modular Power and Cooling
Another off-site facility was set up to assemble modular power units. Each unit included an uninterruptible power supply, a backup generator, and an utility transformer, all housed in weatherproof containers. The modular units were then brought to the Sterling II site and set up in lineups outside the facility. Using modular power units sped up construction, saved money, and reduced the building’s footprint by removing the need for additional rooms inside the data center to house the power equipment.

CyrusOne Solutions built-to-suit data center product is the best solution for cloud, internet, or enterprise customers who need quality data center facilities built in the shortest time possible. The standardized construction approach is a repeatable process employable in multiple locations to ensure rapid speed-to-market for data center projects, with significant cost savings for customers.

By delivering data centers in record times, CyrusOne is continuously setting the bar higher for the data center industry. Additionally, CyrusOne is helping ensure its customers are able to move at hyper-speed to meet their data center capacity needs by removing the risks of running out of space or power.